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Family Application

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete this second part of the form, Nanny Needs, for your Family Application to be considered complete.

Nanny Needs
Duties your nanny will perform (select all that apply)
‘Household management’ duties needed/requested, on a regular basis
Do any of your children have disabilities? (select all that apply):

We find the competitive rate for experienced nannies to be $25-35/hour, household managers earn $30-40/hour, & Newborn Care Specialist earn $35-50+/hour.

Are you willing to provide paid vacation, sick days, holidays?
Any parents working in the home?
Will there be camera monitoring within the home?
Is driving required?
Can you provide a car for your caregiver to take the kids to activities?
Are you open to considering a caregiver that brings their own child?
Do you live near public transportation?
Do you have any pets in the home?

Upload a family photo!

Upload File

Thanks for submitting our Family Application!

We will get back to you soon!

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