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Welcome Chicago Families​

We are excited to connect you with highly-qualified professionals in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

At Exclusive Nanny Group, we strive to help parents find the right person to care for their children. We understand that parents want someone they can trust, who will nurture their child's mind and heart and who understands and respects their family's unique dynamic, culture and values. For this reason, we only hire highly-qualified, educated nannies and provide a comprehensive matching process.

Our Process

At Exclusive Nanny Group, we know trusting someone with your darling littles is fraught with concern for their well-being. So our number one goal is to ensure your children's safety while also facilitating their growth and development by helping you find a loving and committed nanny. 
What Sets Us Apart

At Exclusive Nanny Group, we offer you a comprehensive range of childcare solutions allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences and budget. We not only help you connect with superior professionals, but we also support and guide you during and after the recruitment process so you can establish a childrearing partnership with a nanny who is in sync with your culture, values, and expectations.


Whether you are hiring a temporary or full-time nanny for your child, we conduct a thorough background check that includes the following: 

✓ Nationwide Criminal Report for past 7 years, covering 50 states

✓ County Criminal Report for past 7 years, covering all counties resided

✓ Driving History Report for past 3 years

✓ Social Security Verification

✓ National Sex Offender Search

✓ Verified work references

We know that finding the ideal solution for your childcare needs can be overwhelming, so we make the process as smooth and easy as possible for you.  You can start your nanny search online right now by FILLING OUT THE FAMILY APPLICATION. As soon as we review it, we’ll reach out to arrange a consultation and discuss your specific requirements.

You can also get in touch with us by sending an email to or contact Ashley at 7

Start Your Nanny Search Now

Our Exclusive Matching Process

Online Application.png

Fill out our online application

Tell us about your family and your childcare needs. What kind of nanny arrangement -- Long term full-time or part-time nanny, temporary nanny, summer nanny, nanny share, newborn care specialist -- are you looking for?

Ready to Get Started?

Fill out the Family Application.
Video Call.png

Video Meet & Consultation

This is our chance to go beyond our initial review of your application. We listen to your concerns and dig further to address your specific requirements and expectations in a nanny arrangement. We'll talk about budgeting and payroll and all the details that go along with hiring someone to work inside your home and care  for your little ones.
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Once we receive your one-time engagement fee, we begin our highly selective process to match you with appropriate nanny candidates.

Prior to meeting nannies in person, you will receive their complete dossiers for review to make your final interview selections.

We assist you at every point during this stage so you feel thoroughly confident with the background and credentials of each nanny candidate we present to you.
New Nanny.png

Meet Your


Finally -- we are thrilled to introduce you to prospective nannies who meet all our requirements and fulfill all your family's specific needs.

We will provide you with interview questions prior to meeting nannies and guide you afterward as you make your final considerations to determine whom to hire. 

We assist you with the employment contract and payroll services. We're with you every step of the way! 
"Ashley is highly knowledgeable, responsive and well connected in the nanny community.  As a former nanny and mom, she understands both sides of this important relationship.  She is extremely responsive and worked hard to bring us a number of highly qualified candidates in very short order.  I would definitely recommend her!"

Leslie D.

ENG Family 


Exclusive Nanny Group works diligently to find our families the best long term match.

  • Our engagement fee to start your custom nanny search is $250 (non-refundable; separate from the Placement Fee).

  • Once we have secured a successful nanny placement, our one-time fee is $3,000. Your placement fee will be due when the work agreement with your new nanny is signed.
  • Our nanny placement process includes a 3 month guarantee, but we also offer the following additional extension options:

    • ​$3,750 includes a 4 month guarantee

    • $4,750 includes a 6  month guarantee

  • Nanny Share fee is $4,000 includes a 3 month guarantee (guarantee extensions are offered at an additional cost)

  • Newborn Care Specialist fee is $4,000 includes a 60 day guarantee.

  • ​The current rate for professional nannies is $25-$30+/hour and is based upon the nanny's education and experience, as well as the particular duties and responsibilities you may wish to be fulfilled.

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