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Nanny Application

Caregiver Experience

Are you comfortable being hired at a W-2 employee?
Do you have experience with multiples? (Twins, triplets, nanny share, etc)
Can you provide occasional overnight care?
Do you have prior experience traveling/vacationing SPECIFICALLY on the job with nanny-families?
Do you have experience with children with special needs? (select all that apply)
What specific skills, hobby, or interests do you possess? (select all that apply)
Do you have a valid driver’s license?
Do you have a car to drive to work?
Are you comfortable with pets in the home?

Please answer the following questions thoroughly and be descriptive. This is your area to shine and show your true passion for being a nanny and why families should hire you!

Please upload a photo of yourself.
Upload File
Please note that when applying, you will be considered for ALL of our open positions regardless of whether you expressed interest in a specific job.
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